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The best collection of Educa Jigsaw puzzles in the US, ranging from the beginner 500 pc count puzzles to the super advanced at 33,600 pc record breaking Wildlife puzzle. Even educational puzzles for children for ages 2 & up. Hi res images from many photographers and artists alike, landscapes, backgrounds, things only found in dreams and exclusively in the Educa Borras Jigsaw Puzzle catalog.
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Puppies - Educa 500 piece Puzzle Educa Borras Baby Colors 24 Piece Puzzle Educa Borras Baby Forms 16 Piece Puzzle Set
Puppies - Educa 500 piece Puzzle
List Price: $14.98
Our Price: $8.99
Educa Borras Baby Colors 24 Piece Puzzle
List Price: $14.05
Our Price: $9.49
Educa Borras Baby Forms 16 Piece Puzzle Set
List Price: $12.20
Our Price: $9.49
Wrinkly, adorable Shar-Pei puppies mirror each other sleepily. So cute! Classify each object or animal by color and learn the different colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. The Baby Educa Collection stimulates children’s attention and develops their motor skills, curiosity and imagination. Learn to differentiate and identify the basic geometric shapes: squares, triangles, and circles. Sixteen-piece set includes 4 game boards with 12 thick easy to handle pieces.
Mothers & Babies I Learn-The Vowels I Learn-To Count From 1 To 10
I Learn- Mothers & Babies
List Price: $10.98
Our Price: $9.99
I Learn-The Vowels
List Price: $10.45
Our Price: $9.99
I Learn-To Count From 1 To 10
List Price: $10.59
Our Price: $9.99
Mothers and Babies is a great learning tool for ages 3+. Teach about your child's favorite animals and build dexterity and species association. This game gives the youngest ones the possibility of getting familiar with the vowels matching them with images and words, and distinguish between capital and small letters. 10 Mini puzzles, each puzzle corresponds to the number of people and pieces depicted!
I Learn-The Alphabet I Learn-Add and Subtract Hugs & Kisses - Educa 200 Piece Puzzle
I Learn-The Alphabet
List Price: $15.08
Our Price: $9.99
Helps young children to learn how to write each letter and associate objects and increase vocabulary.
For ages 4-5.
Children learn principles of simple addition and subtraction while assembling simple puzzles. For ages 4 to 5. From ancient grudge breaks new hugs and kisses! These star-crossed friends defy the feud that Cats and Dogs have had for ages.