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Hugs & Kisses - Educa 200 Piece Puzzle Dinosaurs  - Educa Junior 100 Piece Puzzles Dino World - Educa Junior 2x 100 Piece Puzzles
From ancient grudge breaks new hugs and kisses! These star-crossed friends defy the feud that Cats and Dogs have had for ages. The once rulers of the world have long been extinct but they still strike fear, wonder and awe in the hearts of children and adults alike. A good puzzle for any young Dinosaur fan. Assemble these two 100pc puzzles and put them side by side to get a panoramic picture of a prehistoric landscape.
Underwater Inside Vision - Educa Junior 150 Piece Puzzle
Put together this beautiful ocean puzzle then turn out the lights for an amazing treat! The skeletal structures of the dolphins and shark glow in the dark!