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Miniature Puzzle Beers 1000 pc puzzle Educa Borras 1000 Piece Miniature Puzzle Guernica P Picasso Coliseum, Rome - Educa 1000 Piece Miniature Puzzle
Educa Borras 1000 Piece Miniature Puzzle-Guernica, P. Picasso
List Price: $19.00
Our Price: $14.99
Beer bottles from around the world, now in miniature 1,000 piece puzzle form! Inspired by the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, Picasso's Guernica has become an icon for anti-war activists throughout the world. The smallest 1000 piece puzzle in the world. Stunning black and white picture of the Coliseum with a splash of bright blue now available as a miniature 1000 piece puzzle.
Gaudi Collage - Educa 1000 Piece  Miniature Puzzle Cans - Educa 1000 Piece Miniature Puzzle The World, Executive Map ´Miniature´
Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish architect, and father of Catalan-style architecture. He didn't like making blueprints or plans. Instead, he preferred making small-scale models. In celebration of that, this collection of his greatest works comes on one of the smallest 1000 piece puzzles in the world! From popular soda brands to high-brow sparkling waters to obscure juice blends, assemble this puzzle to reveal colorful beverage cans from around the globe. A miniature version of a popular map puzzle, acquaint yourself with the nations of the globe and their flags with this educational aid.  There is no better way to learn every border and every coast line on the planet than to put it all together yourself, one piece at a time.
The Alfama District - Educa 1000 Piece  Miniature Puzzle
Educa® offers you the most complete collection of Puzzles for Adults on the market, with sizes ranging from 500 to 33600 pieces and with the best pictures and the most entertaining characters. Approximate size of the assembled puzzle: 30 x 46 cm.