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Go Fish for Ancient Egypt Go Fish Van Gogh & Friends Go Fish Modern Artists
Go Fish for Ancient Egypt
List Price: $19.34
Our Price: $9.99
Go Fish Modern Artists
Our Price: $11.99
Learn about their gods, goddesses, the great pharaohs, how mummies were made, and more. There are dramatic images and facts on every playing card, and a fact-packed companion book included with the game. Ages 7+ Players "Go Fish" for art by six of the most beloved artists of all time. In the companion fact book learn why Van Gogh cut off part of his ear, how science changed art, and other secrets of these artists and revolutionary styles of art At last – a game that introduces children to modern art! Children become confident art experts just by playing their favorite card games over and over. Get to know 8 great artists and read about the genius and fun behind each work of art in the companion fact book.
Go Fish for Impressionists Artists Gallery Ghost Evening Prelude - A concert is about to begin
Gallery Ghost
List Price: $25.10
Our Price: $15.99
Discover the most popular art of all time! As children play Go Fish and other stimulating memory and matching games, they visually learn about 8 great Impressionist artists Something spooky is happening at the museum! At night, the ghosts of 24 artists come out to play. They paint details from their own paintings onto other artists' pictures. The book contains pages that are split horizontally. As you flip through the bottom pages, you see the original paintings that hang in the museum by day.
A concert is about to begin in a quaint neighborhood overlooking the city of Paris.