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Go Fish for Ancient Egypt Art Ditto Go Fish Van Gogh & Friends
Go Fish for Ancient Egypt
List Price: $19.34
Our Price: $9.99
Art Ditto
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $11.99
Learn about their gods, goddesses, the great pharaohs, how mummies were made, and more. There are dramatic images and facts on every playing card, and a fact-packed companion book included with the game. Ages 7+ Play "Memory" with great art and collect your favorites on art collecting cards. Discover how different artists depict birds, boats, cats, flowers, horses and more. And learn words in four languages as you play! Players "Go Fish" for art by six of the most beloved artists of all time. In the companion fact book learn why Van Gogh cut off part of his ear, how science changed art, and other secrets of these artists and revolutionary styles of art
Go Fish Modern Artists Go Fish for Renaissance Artists Go Fish for Impressionists Artists
Go Fish Modern Artists
Our Price: $11.99
At last – a game that introduces children to modern art! Children become confident art experts just by playing their favorite card games over and over. Get to know 8 great artists and read about the genius and fun behind each work of art in the companion fact book. Discover some of the greatest artists of all time as you play Go Fish. As players ask each other for art by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and more, they visually learn to recognize the styles of each master. The 36 page fact book is filled with fascinating stories about the artists and the Renaissance.
Discover the most popular art of all time! As children play Go Fish and other stimulating memory and matching games, they visually learn about 8 great Impressionist artists
Art Close Up: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Art Close Up: The J. Paul Getty Museum Educa Borras 1000 Piece Miniature Puzzle Guernica P Picasso
Educa Borras 1000 Piece Miniature Puzzle-Guernica, P. Picasso
List Price: $19.00
Our Price: $14.99
Includes masterpieces from Ancient Greece and Egypt to modern American art, including works by Mary Cassatt, Jacob Lawrence, David Hockney, and many more. Ages 5+ Turn your next visit to the art museum into a treasure hunt with this deck of 48 cards featuring great art from the J.Paul Getty. Includes the art of Breughel, Titian, Monet, Degas, Renoir, Cézanne, Van Gogh, and many more. Ages 5+ Inspired by the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, Picasso's Guernica has become an icon for anti-war activists throughout the world. The smallest 1000 piece puzzle in the world.
Gaudi Collage - Educa 1000 Piece  Miniature Puzzle Gallery Ghost La Gensola, Viktor Shvaiko - Educa 300 XXL Puzzle
Gallery Ghost
List Price: $25.10
Our Price: $17.99
Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish architect, and father of Catalan-style architecture. He didn't like making blueprints or plans. Instead, he preferred making small-scale models. In celebration of that, this collection of his greatest works comes on one of the smallest 1000 piece puzzles in the world! Something spooky is happening at the museum! At night, the ghosts of 24 artists come out to play. They paint details from their own paintings onto other artists' pictures. The book contains pages that are split horizontally. As you flip through the bottom pages, you see the original paintings that hang in the museum by day.
A charming little Italian restaurant painted by the the talented Viktor Shvaiko invites you in on a sunny day.
Prado Museum Giaconda - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Streets of New Orleans - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle I Simply Bloom In Sunny Days - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle
This newly restored portrait of La Gioconda was likely painted by an apprentice of Da Vinci as a copy of the famous Mona Lisa. A beautiful image from the gallery of Steve Hanks. It depicts the People of New Orleans: the elderly couple on the balcony, the diverse crowd walking down the sidewalk, the musicians in the street. The people make New Orleans beautiful and this artful puzzle shows that. A rare warm and cheerful painting by controversial artist Adrian Borda. A beautiful addition to any puzzle collection.
Colors of Italy - Salumeria, Viktor Shvaiko  - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Art Shark The Renaissance Art Game and Book Set
Art Shark
Our Price: $27.99
Educa brings you a great puzzle from Russia's Viktor Shvaiko, Colors of Italy. Add this enchanting work of art to your collection today. Outbid other players at auction! Switch fakes with original art! And discover 64 masterpieces as you play. A must have for every family! At each turn, draw art cards and decide whether to add to your gallery collection or use forgeries to steal art from other players. Discover great art from the Renaissance as you play "Go Fish" and other memory games, then read about the artists and how they lived. For each playing card in the deck, there is a two-page spread in the 76-page, full color companion art book.
Van Gogh & Friends Art Game and Book Set Petit Champlain Neighborhood, Quebec - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Luce a Venezia, Guido Borelli - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle
Discover great Post-Impressionist art as you play "Go Fish" and other memory games, then read about the artists and how they lived. For each playing card in the deck, there is a two-page spread in the 76-page, full color companion art book.
A street view of a quaint neighborhood in the French-speaking province of Canada. A bright, sunny day in Venice painted in bold colors by artist Guido Borelli.
Carnation Cottage - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Pink Shawl Vicente Romero  - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Les Delices du Luberon, Guido Borelli - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle
From the gallery of Dominic Davidson. His work always invokes images of flowers in full bloom, trees you swear you could walk under and cottages that you can imagine living in the rest of your life. This painting is no exception. A beautiful puzzle and a must have for any avid collector. Renowned Spanish Painter Vicente Romero created this portrait, a beautifully rendered modern take on the Spanish Maja Tradition, painted in his home in Costa Brava, Spain. An iconic portrait of one of France's coolest specialty food shops by artist Guido Borelli. A must-have for the well-traveled puzzle enthusiast.
La Barca Rossa alla Calata, Guido Borelli - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Westminster Bridge, London - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Arc de Triomphe - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle
A beautiful day sailing the Mediterranean coast, painted in bold colors by artist Guido Borelli. Spanning the River Thames, the green bridge connects Lambeth and Westminster. This puzzle depicts a sunny start to the day with double-decker buses carrying commuters against a backdrop of Westminster Palace and the famous clock tower, Big Ben. The sun sets on a lovely autumn day in the heart of France with
pedestrians in the shadow of the monument dedicated to French soldiers
of the Napoleonic and Revolutionary wars.
Guernica - Pablo Picasso Panoramic Puzzle 3000 Pieces Japan Garden - Educa 3000 Piece Puzzle Flint Cottage - Educa 3000 Piece Puzzle
Inspired by the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, Picasso's Guernica has become an icon for anti-war activists throughout the world. This puzzle is a 3000 piece panoramic puzzle with a reproduction of the painting titled "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso. A lush Japanese garden invites you in for a contemplative walk on a path beside a koi pond. Digital artist Dominic Davison gives us another beautiful scene. The Flint Cottage is framed with lush trees and accented with splashes of vibrant flowers, signatures of Davison's work. Davison's puzzles are always worth the challenge in the end.