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Eiffel Tower, Paris Neon 1000 pc puzzle Times Square  - Educa 1000 Piece Neon Puzzle Solar System Neon - Educa 1000 Piece Puzzle
The iconic symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower glows in the dark with this special Neon series from Educa. New York's most stunning advertisement signs are also its most stunning works of art. Broadway's iconic theater signs stem back to the roots of modern performance art in America. The bright lights of Broadway still inspire millions, and they can inspire you with this dramatic puzzle. A neat and educational puzzle, complete with all the celestial bodies in our own solar system and their orbits. Great for students of all ages, especially those with astronomical inclinations.
Las Vegas Neon - Educa 1000 Piece Puzzle
A stunning view of Las Vegas at night gets even better when the lights are turned out! The newest in the Neon series, this 1,000 piece puzzle of Sin City glows in the dark!