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Guernica - Pablo Picasso Panoramic Puzzle 3000 Pieces Japan Garden - Educa 3000 Piece Puzzle Venice Courtship - Educa 3000 Piece Puzzle
Inspired by the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, Picasso's Guernica has become an icon for anti-war activists throughout the world. This puzzle is a 3000 piece panoramic puzzle with a reproduction of the painting titled "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso. A lush Japanese garden invites you in for a contemplative walk on a path beside a koi pond. Another great puzzle by Dominic Davison, of a couple lost in each other in the heart of Venice.
Central Park, New York - Educa 3000 Piece Panorama Puzzle La Vucciria Market, Palermo  - Educa 3000 Piece Puzzle London Charing Cross  - Educa 3000 Piece Puzzle
Get a bird's-eye view of the most visited urban park in the United States with this extra long panorama puzzle! Historically La Vucciria has been one of the most vibrant and lively markets in Italy, and you can add this beautifully spirited place to your own puzzle collection today. The center of London, featuring the statue of Charles I in the famous roundabout, is captured in Alexander Chen’s “hyper-realist” style painting with Big Ben in view in the distance.
Manhattan Skyline - Educa 3000 Piece Puzzle Life (Fragment) - Educa 3000 Piece Panorama Puzzle Watering Hole Under Rainbow - Educa 3000 Piece Panorama Puzzle
Life on the street glows like the amber guts of a furnace, while the
last light of day falls blue across the towering roof tops. Orange and
black windows pixelate each building as Manhattan stretches along the
Hudson River.
A colorful array of ocean creatures and land dwellers alike. A wonderful celebration of Earthlife in this brand new 3000 piece Panorama puzzle by educa A Saharan oasis draws an explosion of life to its precious waters, bringing all of Africa's diverse creatures to its shores.