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These exciting mysteries have become a mainstay in any puzzle assortment. Read the thrilling story and put together the puzzle to discover the hidden clues needed to solve the mystery!
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Murder on the Titanic - A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Grounds for Murder Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle
Wealthy twin sisters face romance, betrayal and death on that fateful
night aboard the Titanic. Put the puzzle together and solve the mystery.
Beware, the puzzle image is not what you see on the box! Includes a
1000-piece puzzle and story booklet.
Classic mysteries with a challenging twist. Read about the mystery
brewing at Spill the Beans Coffee Shop: the suspicious meetings over
cappuccino, the roundtable of gumshoe regulars and the murder that
shocks them all. Next, assemble the 1000-piece puzzle to discover the
hidden clues.
A puzzling mystery and mystery puzzle in one! Read the mystery Obsession and assemble this challenging 1,000-piece puzzle to discover the cryptic clues hidden within. This sinister mystery revolves around a psychopathic killer obsessed with Hitchcock's famous movies - The Birds, Psycho and Frenzy.
Murder on the Rocks - A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Sherlock Holmes - A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle A Taxing Murder
A real whodunit with a puzzling solution. First, read about the weekend climbing party that ended when one of the members suddenly dropped out. Next, assemble the 1000 piece puzzle to discover the clues that will lead you to the solution.
Read about the surprise visit of Helen Stoner to the offices of Sherlock
Holmes and the mysterious death of her twin sister behind the heavy
iron gates of Stoke Moran Manor House. Next, assemble the 1000 piece
puzzle to discover the hidden clues. Then solve "Sherlock Holmes and the
Speckled Band" by piecing together clues from the story and puzzle!
A Taxing Murder is a mystery jigsaw thriller with a secret puzzle image
twist. First, read about the calculated murder of Louis Quick, tax
accountant extraordinaire.
Next, assemble the 1000 piece puzzle to discover the clues he left
behind so you can get to the bottom line.
Foul Play and Cabernet - A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle
As winemakers, Harry Bloom and Ernie Field were brilliant. As partners, they were a disaster. So different in body, mind and soul that it was a miracle they could produce anything, much less the best cabernet in Napa Valley. Read about the mystery fermenting at the BloomField winery, then assemble the puzzle to solve the crime!