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18" WALNUT CHESS BOARD Travel Mahjong set 52 Amazing Places: National Parks
Premium Quality 18" Walnut Chessboard
List Price: $37.99
Our Price: $26.99
Travel mahjong set
List Price: $38.22
Our Price: $27.99
This impressive, walnut wood chess board is made of premium quality and completely felted. It makes an attractive combination with a variety of piece styles. Board size: 18" x 18" Square size: 2". This is an American version of the popular Chinese mahjong set tile game. It comes with 166 tiles, 4 color racks, 2 dice, playing chips and instruction book all in a handy travel-size that's easy to bring along and play with friends. For beginner and advanced players. Discover 52 amazing national parks as you play dozens of card games. Collect canyons, mountains, caves, deserts, and other amazing places as you play "Go Fish" and read fun park facts on each card. Or use this complete 52-card deck to play all your favorite card games.
Gallery Ghost The Renaissance Art Game and Book Set POOF-Slinky 225R Collector's Edition Original Slinky Dog in Retro Packaging
Gallery Ghost
List Price: $25.10
Our Price: $17.99
Collector's Edition Original Slinky Dog Retro
List Price: $21.99
Our Price: $21.25
Something spooky is happening at the museum! At night, the ghosts of 24 artists come out to play. They paint details from their own paintings onto other artists' pictures. The book contains pages that are split horizontally. As you flip through the bottom pages, you see the original paintings that hang in the museum by day.
Discover great art from the Renaissance as you play "Go Fish" and other memory games, then read about the artists and how they lived. For each playing card in the deck, there is a two-page spread in the 76-page, full color companion art book.
As seen in the Disney movie "Toy Story." The Slinky Dog is packaged in a retro 1950's designed box. Pull the leash and Slinky Dog walks with you. Ages 18 months and up.
Deluxe Wood Mancala with Glass Beads Tabletop Backgammon Set 11" Backgammon Attache
Deluxe Wood Mancala with Glass Beads
List Price: $18.99
Our Price: $13.99
Tabletop Backgammon Set
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.99
11" Backgammon Attache
List Price: $30.99
Our Price: $25.99
Mancala is a game of strategy from Africa of collecting pebbles or stones. One of the world's most ancient games, it is popular around the globe in many sizes and variations. This particular configuration with two rows of six pits opposite each other with larger scoring pits at the end is very popular in the US and the sturdy wooden board and glass beads will provide hours and hours of entertainment. Complete Tabletop Backgammon Set in high quality wood with beautiful inlaid pips, beveled edges and feet.  Set includes board, markers, dice cups and dice.  Pip colors are mahogany and walnut on a light oak. Inlay colors on the beveled edge surrounding the board.  A beautiful set to play and display. Played for centuries, backgammon has mass appeal for young and old. This backgammon set comes in an 11 inch attache case for travel or storage. Vinyl case opens to cloth playing field with sewn pips.