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Life, The Greatest 24000 pc Puzzle SISTINE CHAPEL 18000 Piece Educa Puzzle Educa Borras 33,600 PC Puzzle-Wildlife
Earth life spills out from the sea, the mountains and the air, they run across the scene to where the swirling mysteries of the Cosmos and the ruins of humankind's past long downed, await them. Life in all its shapes and sizes, is a puzzle. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, you see how all the pieces fit. For such an important building, the Sistine Chapel is remarkably plain outside. But inside is one of the most spectacular paintings in human history. This famous painting is over 500 years old, and another strange fact is that its creator, famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo, was not a painter by trade–he was a sculptor. Weird, right? Presenting the puzzle with the greatest number of pieces in the world! 33,600 pieces make up this stunning wildlife panorama.
This colossal puzzle comes in a wooden box with wheels. Once assembled, it measures 225" by 62"... that's over 18 feet long and 5 feet wide!!
Are you ready for the ultimate puzzle challenge?