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Mediterranean Vincente Romero - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Petit Champlain Neighborhood, Quebec - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle African Jungle - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle
We gaze over the shoulder of a young woman overlooking the Spanish Mediterranean coast. One of the many gorgeous Maja-style portraits by Spanish painter Vicente Romero. A street view of a quaint neighborhood in the French-speaking province of Canada. A verdant jungle teems with Africa’s diverse wildlife.
Medicine Lake, Canada - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Under Full Sail - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Luce a Venezia, Guido Borelli - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle
In the winter, this "lake" is actually a mostly frozen river. Melting snow turns the low-lying areas around the river into a lake during summertime that slowly trickles underground and into many other waterways. Beautiful but ominous-looking clouds float over Jasper National Park in Alberta in this stunning picture. The sailing ship Belem, over a century old and still active, rides the ocean with help from a strong wind. A bright, sunny day in Venice painted in bold colors by artist Guido Borelli.
Carnation Cottage - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Soft Cans - Educa 2000 Piece Puzzle Beers - Educa 2000 Piece Panorama Puzzle
From the gallery of Dominic Davidson. His work always invokes images of flowers in full bloom, trees you swear you could walk under and cottages that you can imagine living in the rest of your life. This painting is no exception. A beautiful puzzle and a must have for any avid collector. Call it Pop, soda, or soft drinks, this puzzle is for anyone who loves ice cold, fizzy, bubbly, beverages! A collection of the best soft drinks in the world and of the past century. How many of them have you tried? Bottled beers from around the world as far as the eye can see with this panoramic beer puzzle!