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Educa Beer Tunnel Puzzle 1500 piece Cans - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Intersection - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle
Beer Tunnel - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle
List Price: $22.99
Our Price: 19.49
Cans - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: 19.49
Enter a tunnel ringed with hundreds of bottles of beers originating from all corners of the globe! From popular soda brands to high-brow sparkling waters to obscure juice blends, assemble this puzzle to reveal colorful beverage cans from around the globe. A black and white birds-eye view of an intersection in New York City.
Venice at Dusk - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Tune Up - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Denali National Park - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle
A peaceful view of Venice from the gondoliers' dock as night begins to fall in the floating city. A red and white classic Corvette car sits in a garage, though she looks ready to get back on the road. A sweeping view of Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska with its namesake mountain in the background.
Breakfast in New York - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Prado Museum Giaconda - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle Streets of New Orleans - Educa 1500 Piece Puzzle
A hand-tinted version of the iconic photograph of construction workers taking a meal on a partially constructed skyscraper from the Americana collection. This newly restored portrait of La Gioconda was likely painted by an apprentice of Da Vinci as a copy of the famous Mona Lisa. A beautiful image from the gallery of Steve Hanks. It depicts the People of New Orleans: the elderly couple on the balcony, the diverse crowd walking down the sidewalk, the musicians in the street. The people make New Orleans beautiful and this artful puzzle shows that.