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Wham-O Classic Frisbee Disc Wham-O Vintage Frisbee Disc Original Frisbee Disc Putter
Wham-O Classic Frisbee Disc
List Price: $5.54
Our Price: $2.99
The best way to play outdoors with friends is with the Classic Frisbee! A game of catch, a round of disc golf, or an intense session of Ultimate, there's plenty of ways to have fun with a Frisbee. The one, the only, the very first Frisbee ever! This is the one that started it all! So get it, throw it, catch it! This is the Frisbee that changed everything. Ages 5 and up. Assorted colors. Use the Original Frisbee Disc Putter for putting into the target in disc golf.  This Frisbee will hold a line and then drop to the target for the perfect putt. PDGA approved.
Original Frisbee Disc Mid Range Driver Original Frisbee Disc Turnover Driver Wham-O Frisbee Disc Infinity
Wham-O Frisbee Disc Infinity
List Price: $13.38
Our Price: $7.99
Use this Mid Range Driver made by the Original Frisbee makers for all your mid to long range drives and approaches in disc golf. Bright yellow color is easily visible. PDGA approved Disc golf players will appreciate how this disc will fly to the right, or 'turnover', when released flat with the popular right-hand-back-hand throw. Best for mid to long range drives. PDGA approved. This new easy to handle oval disc design makes playing with a Frisbee a walk in the park! It flexes and flies with a soft outer edge for hard core fun. For ages 5 and up.
Wham-O Pro Classic Frisbee with U-flex Wham-O Max Flight Glow Frisbee Disc Wham-O All Sport Frisbee Disc
Wham-O Max Flight Glow Frisbee Disc
List Price: $12.78
Our Price: $9.99
The Pro Classic Frisbee is ideal for any frisbee game, which makes it the most popular frisbee out there. Hot new designs in a 130-gram style. U-Flex technology makes it a cinch to throw and soft to catch. The longest throwing easy to catch Frisbee disc. High tech shape with soft materials. 160g and PDGA approved! Has been thrown over 350 feet - and caught! A great performer in all Frisbee Disc sports! Perfect size and weight for all skill levels to achieve maximum performance. Weighs 140 grams.