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Spanish Learning Blocks Learning Blocks I Learn-The Vowels
Spanish Learning Blocks
Our Price: $5.99
Learning Blocks
Our Price: $7.50
I Learn-The Vowels
List Price: $10.45
Our Price: $9.99
Traditional crafted wooden letter & image blocks to help early learners with the alphabet in Spanish. 26 wooden blocks. For ages 1 and up. Traditional crafted wooden letters, numbers and image blocks to help early learners with language, spelling and math. 24 wooden blocks in a wood box. For ages 1 and up This game gives the youngest ones the possibility of getting familiar with the vowels matching them with images and words, and distinguish between capital and small letters.
I Learn-To Count From 1 To 10 I Learn-The Alphabet I Learn-Add and Subtract
I Learn-To Count From 1 To 10
List Price: $10.59
Our Price: $9.99
I Learn-The Alphabet
List Price: $15.08
Our Price: $9.99
10 Mini puzzles, each puzzle corresponds to the number of people and pieces depicted! Helps young children to learn how to write each letter and associate objects and increase vocabulary.
For ages 4-5.
Children learn principles of simple addition and subtraction while assembling simple puzzles. For ages 4 to 5.
Go Fish for Ancient Egypt I Learn... The Alphabet Mr. Potato Head Amazing Spider Spud
Go Fish for Ancient Egypt
List Price: $19.34
Our Price: $9.99
I Learn... The Alphabet
List Price: $15.08
Our Price: $9.99
Mr. Potato Head-Amazing Spider-Spud
List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $10.99
Learn about their gods, goddesses, the great pharaohs, how mummies were made, and more. There are dramatic images and facts on every playing card, and a fact-packed companion book included with the game. Ages 7+ Slide the letter and the matching picture into the self-correcting frame. Turn the frame over to check that you have not made a mistake. If the image on the back of the frame is complete, it's the right answer! Spider Spud is slingin' his web to fry crime and get the bad guys. His starch enemies better watch out when this amazing mash is on a mission. Ages 2 and up.